The Detrimental Effects of Improper Medical Waste Disposal

Improper medical waste disposal is a major problem for hospitals and medical facilities. Do you have confidence in your medical waste disposal practices? In this blog, we discuss the dire consequences of improper medical waste disposal.


Non-compliance with medical waste disposal regulations is costly. For example, a Wichita, Kansas healthcare facility was recently cited for improper medical waste disposal, resulting in the loss of its eligibility to take part in Medicare and Medicaid programs. This incident is a valuable reminder that your healthcare organization has a responsibility to follow OSHA and HIPAA requirements. Your medical waste provider can review your waste handling procedures to make sure you’re following all applicable state and federal laws.


Commingling medical waste with regular garbage is a big mistake; it puts trash collectors at risk of dangerous pathogens. Always use red bags for medical waste that includes the following items:

  • Bloody gauze, bandages, and gloves
  • Tubing with blood
  • Blood and bodily fluids
  • Sealed sharps containers

Your medical waste disposal provider will collect your red bags and securely dispose of the contents.


Environmental degradation is affecting our planet, and excessive fossil fuel consumption isn’t the only cause. When medical waste enters landfills and waterways, it harms our air, soil, and drinking water. A secure and reliable medical waste disposal solution helps protect our planet for future generations.

Disease and Infection

Failing to dispose of medical waste properly and securely exposes your employees, patients, and the public to dangerous pathogens. Always contain medical waste in sealed and sturdy containers to prevent leaking during collection, transport, and disposal. Your medical waste disposal partner can offer a full line of disposal supplies including reusable plastic containers, single-use corrugated boxes, and red bags to keep waste contained and prevent the spread of infectious diseases.

Reputational Damage

You put time and effort into earning the trust of your patients. Fallout from an improper medical waste incident can swiftly erase all those efforts and cause long-term damage to your brand. Be sure to follow medical waste disposal best practices and partner with a provider who can help you securely manage your medical waste.

Financial Loss

The consequences of improper medical waste disposal can add up, damaging your health care organization’s bottom line. A medical waste disposal solution helps you avoid fines, civil suits, legal fees, and the cost of rebuilding your brand.

For more helpful tips on avoiding the detrimental effects of improper medical waste disposal, please call us at 770-832-7736.

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