Medical Waste Reduction

Everyday medical facility employees all across Georgia are making a very expensive mistake.

They throw food, paper, and other non-hazardous waste into their medical waste stream, unaware that it can cost up to ten times more to dispose of medical waste as it does non-hazardous waste.

medical-waste-reduction-imgHow prevalent is this practice? The Center for Disease Control (CDC) reports that 50% – 70% of a medical facility’s waste ends up in their bio-hazardous waste stream (red bags) even though only 2% – 3% of their total waste can be classified as infectious waste.

Medical waste disposal companies have known about this for years, but they won’t share these facts or lift a finger to help you reduce your medical waste because more waste from you means more money for them.

Med Dog Waste Management is different. We believe that if we take care of our customers by helping them reduce their medical waste to save money, they’ll become long-term customers.

Introducing Our Medical Waste Reduction Program
Med Dog Waste Management can help reduce your bio-hazardous waste with our Medical Waste Reduction Program. Here’s how it works:

  • Step 1: We audit your medical waste stream to determine what percentage of your current waste is actually non-hazardous waste. Then we quantify your potential savings.
  • Step 2: We educate your staff on proper medical waste disposal so that everyone has the knowledge needed to reduce your medical waste.
  • Step 3: We implement an action plan that includes written policies, effective signage, and proper container placement.

Free Medical Waste Audit

Now you can reduce your medical waste. Take the first step. Med Dog Waste Management provides a free medical waste audit to clients throughout the State of Georgia including the Metro Atlanta area. To discuss your unique requirements call us at 770-832-7736, fill in the easy form on this page or leave us more detailed information on our Contact page. We look forward to hearing from you.


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