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Managing the Disposal of Sharps Waste

Sharps are comprised of any object with sharp points or edges, including syringes, needles, and lancets. Sharps can easily puncture the skin, causing injury and illness. As a result, safe disposal of used sharps is imperative. In this blog, we offer tips for helping your organization manage its sharps waste disposal. Wear Gloves Any employee […]

The Detrimental Effects of Improper Medical Waste Disposal

Improper medical waste disposal is a major problem for hospitals and medical facilities. Do you have confidence in your medical waste disposal practices? In this blog, we discuss the dire consequences of improper medical waste disposal. Non-Compliance Non-compliance with medical waste disposal regulations is costly. For example, a Wichita, Kansas healthcare facility was recently cited […]

An Inside Look at a Medical Waste Disposal Service

Although working with a medical waste disposal provider involves trust, you should also understand how the service works and what to expect from it. In this blog, we offer an inside look at a medical waste disposal service. Assessment A medical waste disposal assessment gives you peace of mind knowing your disposal needs are addressed […]

What’s in Your Medicine Cabinet?

Do you have an abundance of pill bottles and medicine containers in your medicine cabinet? If so, you’re not alone. Many Americans store both prescription and over-the-counter medicines in their medicine cabinet. While it’s important to have access to the medicines you and your family need, it’s also important to know the health hazards they […]

Medical Waste Disposal 101

Whether you’re a doctor, home health care worker, or school nurse, understanding medical waste disposal is crucial. Lack of knowledge can put your colleagues and those you care for, at risk. In this blog, we discuss the basics of medical waste disposal. What Is Medical Waste? Medical waste is any kind of waste that is […]

6 Medical Waste Must-Dos

Healthcare organizations have a responsibility to dispose of medical waste in a safe and secure manner. There’s little margin for error. A single misstep can cause major legal, financial, and human health consequences. Here are six must-dos for ensuring a secure and compliant medical waste disposal program: 1. Separate Medical Waste Medical waste should never […]

7 Important Questions to Ask Your Medical Waste Provider

Not all medical waste management companies are equal. Choosing the wrong one can cause legal and financial trouble for your healthcare organization. Before choosing a medical waste provider, here are seven important questions to ask: 1. Are You Locally-Owned? According to Local Works, for every $100 spent with a local vendor, $73 stays in your […]

5 Medical Waste Disposal Mistakes to Avoid

In a busy healthcare facility, errors are impossible to avoid. However, some mistakes have bigger consequences than others. A single medical waste disposal mishap can have widespread consequences for patients, visitors, healthcare professionals, and the environment. Here are five medical waste disposal mistakes to avoid: 1. Combining Medical Waste with Other Waste Commingling medical waste […]

Choosing a Qualified Medical Waste Disposal Provider

If you are a healthcare professional, you understand the importance of proper medical waste disposal practices. Unfortunately, it can be a challenge to find a provider who complies with regulations and offers a good value for their services. Here we explain which factors to weigh when choosing a qualified medical waste provider that’s right for […]