Managing the Disposal of Sharps Waste

Sharps are comprised of any object with sharp points or edges, including syringes, needles, and lancets. Sharps can easily puncture the skin, causing injury and illness. As a result, safe disposal of used sharps is imperative. In this blog, we offer tips for helping your organization manage its sharps waste disposal.

Wear Gloves

Any employee handling sharps should wear gloves. Gloves should only be removed after sharps waste is safely placed in a sharps waste disposal container.

Sharps Waste Containment

Never throw sharps in the trash or flush them down the toilet. Negligent sharps waste disposal can spread infections that cause serious health conditions. Always place sharps in sharps waste containers. If you’re organization doesn’t have sharps waste containers, contact your medical waste disposal provider.

Sharps Waste Collection Points

Sharps waste should not be transferred to another room for disposal. Sharps waste containers should be placed as close as possible to the area where sharps are being collected to facilitate safe disposal of hazardous sharps waste.

Seal and Label Sharps Containers

Unsealed sharps disposal containers put people at risk. To prevent the spread of infections, sharps containers should always be sealed and equipped with a tight fitting, puncture-resistant lid. They should also be labeled with the biohazard symbol.

Follow OSHA Guidelines

Your facility’s sharps waste disposal should follow OSHA guidelines. OSHA inspections can happen at any time, so make sure your employees understand compliance requirements. A qualified medical waste disposal provider can offer medical waste compliance training to make sure your employees understand OSHA guidelines.

Use a Reputable Medical Waste Transport Provider

Improper transport of contaminated sharps waste threatens the health and welfare of your employees and the public. Medical waste transporters are required follow U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) guidelines and use specialized vehicles. The DOT requires a permit when transporting more than fifty pounds of medical waste, and numerous regulations must be adhered to when transporting and disposing of medical waste. These regulations make it imperative to partner with a permitted, experienced, and reputable medical waste transport provider.

Med Dog Waste Management is a locally-owned and operated company and Certified Woman’s Business Enterprise that has been serving organizations in Atlanta and throughout Georgia with medical waste disposal services since 2001. For more information, please call us at 770-832-7736.


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