Choosing a Qualified Medical Waste Disposal Provider

If you are a healthcare professional, you understand the importance of proper medical waste disposal practices. Unfortunately, it can be a challenge to find a provider who complies with regulations and offers a good value for their services. Here we explain which factors to weigh when choosing a qualified medical waste provider that’s right for your practice.

Local vs. National

There are three major differences between local and national medical waste providers:

  1. When you choose a local medical waste provider, you’re investing in your community.
  2. With a local medical waste provider, you have a local representative to actually help you, rather than an answering service or the call centers national providers use.
  3. If you receive poor service from a local provider, you will typically receive a refund. Most national medical waste companies don’t extend this type of service guarantee to their customers.

These reasons make the difference clear: A local medical waste disposal provider benefits your business and your community.


Don’t be fooled into thinking that you must adjust your disposal schedule to match your provider’s calendar. A qualified medical waste provider will offer flexible pickup schedules that meet your needs—not theirs.


Nobody likes to be locked into a service contract that is impossible to break. It’s common to receive price increases of up to 18% per year from some medical waste disposal providers. To avoid a huge, surprise price increase, choose a provider whose contract spells out consistent pricing for the entire contract term. 


Even though it runs contrary to OSHA and HIPAA requirements, you may be surprised to learn that not all medical waste companies are licensed, insured and compliant with all state and federal medical waste handling regulations. Further, OSHA and HIPAA both require employees of medical waste disposal companies to receive training, criminal background checks and random drug tests.

A provider who doesn’t adhere to these requirements increases liability risks for your healthcare practice. This is why it is important to choose a medical waste provider who provides mandatory OSHA and HIPAA training to their employees, and requires pre-employment background checks and random drug tests by an independent third party.

Compliance Training 

Receiving OSHA compliance training from your medical waste disposal provider can really help your healthcare practice because you get a single solution to ensure workplace safety and minimize penalties and fines for non-compliance.

Don’t assume, however, that compliance training is part of the overall service fee. Many medical waste disposal companies charge an arm and a leg to train your staff. The good news is, you can shop around. With a little effort you can often find comprehensive online OSHA, HAZCOM, BBP and HIPAA training at a reasonable cost.

Whether you are looking to switch medical waste providers or are starting from scratch, keep these factors in mind to ensure you receive the best value for your practice.

Med Dog Waste Management is a locally-owned and operated company and Certified Woman’s Business Enterprise that has been serving organizations in Atlanta and Northeast Georgia with medical waste disposal services since 2001. For more helpful tips on choosing a medical waste provider, please call us at 770-832-7736.


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