An Inside Look at a Medical Waste Disposal Service

Although working with a medical waste disposal provider involves trust, you should also understand how the service works and what to expect from it. In this blog, we offer an inside look at a medical waste disposal service.


A medical waste disposal assessment gives you peace of mind knowing your disposal needs are addressed safely, legally, and affordably. A responsible medical waste provider will offer a free assessment of your medical waste disposal needs. During the assessment, an expert assesses the following areas:

  • Volume of waste generated
  • Type of waste generated
  • Current waste disposal practices

The assessment findings are used to provide a customized medical waste disposal plan for your facility.


Hazardous medical waste poses a threat to human health and can negatively impact the environment. Your medical waste supplier should offer a variety of disposal containers and supplies to ensure your medical waste is segregated and disposed of safely and securely. During your designated daily, weekly or monthly collection schedule, your medical waste is collected from your facility and transported within a secure chain of custody to a medical waste disposal facility by a background-screened, OSHA- and HIPAA-trained service specialist.


All medical waste disposal companies are required by law to have a transporter permit in order to transport medical waste. A reputable medical waste provider will provide copies of these permits as proof of their compliance with state and federal medical waste handling and transportation regulations.


Proper documentation and report filing are essential in disposing of medical waste; in addition to protecting you as a healthcare provider, it is legally required during transport. Each collected bag or container must have accompanying paperwork, and your medical waste provider should provide you with a copy of the transport manifest.

Your Responsibilities

Your responsibility as a medical waste generator is understanding what medical waste is hazardous, what disposal container is used, and the OSHA and HIPAA requirements affecting your healthcare organization. Your medical waste provider can review your waste handling procedures to make sure you’re complying with all applicable state and federal laws.

Med Dog Waste Management, a division of American Document Securities, Inc., provides medical waste disposal services for businesses in Atlanta and Northeast Georgia. For more information on our medical waste disposal services, please contact us by phone or complete the form on this page.


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